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About us

Dan and callum

eola has been a long time coming. Both co-founders have spent many years in different start-ups, working on cool and unusual projects. Throughout their lives, Callum and Dan have done a number of different watersports, ranging from a surf holiday in Indonesia, to windsurfing on a lake in Essex.

They both love getting involved in projects where they can make a real world difference to people’s lives.

Being active is not just a wonderful way to spend time, but it also has a huge number of health benefits. They encourage inclusion and support, they bring out passion, and they bring you back to the natural world around you.

Whether you are a world pro, or someone who has never done any watersports before, or just want a chat, the eola team is always there to say hello. Just message hello@eola.co.uk.


CTO & Founder

Daniel Steele

This nerd has been working in startups as a developer for 5 years. He’s half German, and on an unrelated note, has a thing about making sure everything is as efficient as possible.
CEO & Founder

Callum Hemsley

Callum likes careful planning and managing the little things. He’s a product guy with years of start-up experience. He can also stand up on a surfboard, and drinks way too much coffee.
Frontend Designer

Jaime Caballero

Always on top of frontend development UX and UI design, Jaime defends UX above all things. Even his own personal time and happiness. And wine. Well, maybe not wine. In Japan when not in London.