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Why become a partner school with eola?

by Callum Hemsley

We know how difficult it is to be a watersports school. Constantly hunting for new customers, maintaining a website, handling payments, constantly competing with other schools for attention, on top of everything else. eola is our answer to that. eola is a platform that connects your school to the world, in a beautiful, and trustworthy environment which you control

We are still very young, and constantly developing and evolving the platform. We are only officially launching in September, and as a result, we only want to ask very little of you, but offer a huge amount in return

Given how little we require from you, and how crazy the benefits are compared to the cost, what is there to lose?

What do I get?

  • A high quality early listing on eola as one of our first partners
  • Regular discounts on the lessons I offer, at eola’s expense
  • Advertising of my school by eola on all of our channels
  • A specialised google listing with direct booking capability
  • Direct access to the founders of eola to ask for features & advice
  • Interviews with my team to be shared on social media
  • A vendor portal to manage your listing and details
  • Access to our absurd vendor referral scheme, below

What does this cost me?

For 2017, we just request 10% commission on each booking we generate for you

What do I have to do?

  • Subscribe as a vendor with eola, here
  • Fill out your profile and add the lessons you want to offer with us
  • Respond to our booking requests within 24 hours
  • Accept whatever customers you can from us

So you see, you have very little to do, but so much to gain! In fact, as an early sign up, we’d even be happy to fill out your profile for you. For now, the whole flow from your end is; you receive an email from us, offering a customer, and if you can take them, say yes. Super simple

What about the referral scheme?

We believe in partners, not clients. We want to do everything to make sure we are offering you the best deal possible, and to develop a community. So, if you love eola, and want to share it with other schools you know, we will reward you! Not only that, but we will give you insane awards

Some rules for the road

  1. No bots! We’re tech folk, and we will void your referral account if you sign any up
  2. Seriously, no bots
  3. See numbers 1 and 2
  4. To be considered subscribed, a school which signs up has to offer at least one activity with us
  5. Each prize can only be redeemed once
  6. Prizes can be stacked because we love you
  7. Partner locations don’t count. ;) So those of you with multiple locations - no trying to be sneaky!
  8. We don’t offer cash equivalents to prizes
  9. Only 10 people can win the equity prize at 10 subscribers, so you better get on it fast (read 11 to learn more)
  10. Each school has to have been active for 4 months +, and must have 3+ instructors to be recognised (exceptions are welcome of course - just message us)
  11. *After 10 schools win the equity prize, it will move to 40 subscribers required. When 10 reach that, it will go to 75, and so on (we’ll think of numbers to move it to as we get there)

The founders of eola off to visit some schools
The founders of eola off to visit some schools in early September

If you have questions, or just want to talk to us, just drop us a message at callum@eola.co.uk

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